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UNIKAT – Tropical. Musical. Culinary.

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Programme of 2019

Let me introduce you to the program of this year's UNIKAT!

Musical highlights

Spirit of Soul - mainactHide

The Soulband & Black Music Partyband from Frankfurt am Main will provide a great atmosphere on our main stage.
Under the motto "The finest of Black Music", the program diversity ranges from the big stars of the so-called "Old School" era, such as James Brown, The Temptations, Kool & The Gang, Earth Wind & Fire and Marvin Gaye with Michael over the 80s Jackson, Montell Jordan, up to the new R & B stars of the modern scene, such as Usher, Taio Cruz and Pharell Williams. The musicians not only play down the original versions just like on CD, but also manage to give the respective song a personal touch on the way.

AERIC Bandfoto

AERIC - that is the name of Alfred Hofmann's solo project that pursues pop and funk music in particular. Already in his early years Alfred Hofmann gained first musical experiences. After a completed study in church music he studies now popular music at the HfK in Bayreuth. His debut album "Alles Neu" was released on 19 June 2018. At his life performances he gets support from Daniel Geiter on drums which creates a special mixture of live instruments and electronic sound. If you like a mixture of styles in combination with extraordinary sound AERIC is right for you.

DJ Bob and StreunerHide

After years of enthusiasm for music, Bob's DJ career began in a classic way on his graduation. Since he started to study in Bayreuth, you can hear him in all the famous clubs of Bayreuth. In the winter of last year, the solo career became a duo called Bob and Streuner. Added to this was Bob's longtime friend Paul. The two combine not only handball but also the preference for house, techhouse, electro and disco classics. If you do not feel like mainstream, you're in the right place. Bob and Paul do not want to cover a certain genre with their music, they want to inspire their audience much more along with good new songs and old classics.

Elias TebrokeHide

Elias Tebroke - that means acoustic guitar sounds and the sound of a slightly distorted tube amplifier paired with a soft voice. Music that evokes emotions.
His playing field ranges from pop to soul to R'n'B, where you can listen to self-arranged covers as well as your own pieces.

He Told Me ToHide

Sandro Weich - a singer-songwriter.
The Coburg-based musician swapped his band for a loop station and started his own musical journey in cultivated do-it-yourself fashion
, Hey Told Me To'is catchy indie pop. Music where you do not have to look for the chorus but still allow patterns to break through and break new ground. A melancholic undertone mingles with hip hop-inspired beats, thrilling sing-along numbers line up with languishing ballads.

And contrary to all the demarcation attempts to mainstream pop: the Booty may still shake!

Duo Klangmadame

Two voices, guitar, ukulele and melodica characterise the unique acoustic sound of Klangmadame. Through their common studies at the Universität Bayreuth, Katha and Chiara found one another. Since then they give current songs and longstanding classics a very special sound. The melodic arrangements are complemented with own compositions in two voices that the duo performs in pedestrian zones, garden parties and this year's UNIKAT.

The Black ElephantHide

This elephant tramps carefree through the porcelain shop of songwriting: "bearded bluespunk", "sassy songwriting" and "angry antifolk" - all this is The Black Elephant Band.

Armed with his guitar and a harmonica, the Nuremberg author Jan Bratenstein has sung to the hearts of his audience after four albums and numerous live shows. He does not care about genre clichés, folk stereotypes and singer / songwriter seriousness.
Instead, he tells his audience in a sympathetic way of the essential - albeit often ignored - topics of life. Like cute elephant videos on YouTube, the qualities of Batman characters, cat allergies or the burning need to run over someone.

The Jimmy Blue ExperienceHide
The Jimmy Blue Experience Bandfoto

3 students, 1 poetic expressive name. The spontaneously shaped formation consisting of Sifu, Chris and Jakob has only one goal: to spread good mood and then go home again. In this sense you will get a relaxed summer feeling with covers and maybe also some original pieces. What can go wrong?

Sport highlights

lighting Poi show of father and daughterHide

In our lighting Poi show, we bring light into the dark: light balls whirled through the air provide a light and color spectacle at a late hour in the botanical garden. Performing will be a father-daughter duo from Landshut. We are looking forward to it!


Participate in our salsa workshop! We teach you the basic steps of the Latin American dance that is danced all around the world. Apply the newly learned steps to salsa music immediately.

Dance Group Lau HalaHide
Tanzgruppe Lau Hala von der Familienbildungsstätte Bayreuth

Aloha, Hawaii dance is our hobby. We dance Hula Auana which is a modern form of Hula. Hula is a narrative type of dance. The dancer dances along the song's lyrics and tells the story with her looks, arm and hand movements. A popular song is "Blue Hawaii" from the movie with the same name starring Elvis Presley. Feel the Hawaiian vibe!

Cultural highlights

The FilmJamHide

The Filmjam is a student-organized initiative of the media science of the University of Bayreuth. Film-loving students who want to challenge their creative ability have 48 hours to shoot a short film according to specific technical and content requirements.
The UNIKAT is showing works from the Filmjam on the topic "Lost in Paradise" this year.

Lucia DistlerHide

Since childhood Lucia Distler has been passionate about literature and poetry.
At the age of 14 she began to write her own texts during a boring vacation. What was originally meant only as a pastime, quickly became a passion.
In the following years, numerous poems and prose texts, as well as a 300 -page long fantasy novel, which is to our regret unpublished to this day, but in their words urgently in need of revision.
Even during her studies and dance education, Lucia kept her enthusiasm for writing. In 2018 she was selected for the study seminar of the Bavarian Academy of Writing - a cooperation of the Universities of Bayreuth, Bamberg, Augsburg and the TU Munich.
She will read a short story "From the Diary of a Liar" at the UNIKAT 2019.


- an extraordinary moving color experience
Discover bodies turned into works of art between subtropical plants and let yourself be painted with creative ornaments by prospective art teachers of the State Institute.

Poetry by Muhong LeeHide

Muhong Lee has lived in Germany for 4 years. He is a student of the University of Bayreuth and has a lot of engagement there - for example, he is the director of the university group "Global Brigades".
In his poetry slam, he reports with humor on the beautiful, funny, but also sad experiences from his everyday life as an Asian student in Bayreuth and cleans up with stereotypes and cultural misunderstandings.

Special tour of the Botanical Garden Hide

In line with the slogan of this year's  "Lost in paradise", the ÖBG offers guided tours with the theme "Heavenly! Exotic fruits ". The short tour will not only lead to pomegranate and date, which according to biblical tradition in paradise, but also to cocoa in South America or to the liverwurst tree, which everybody may wish for in his paradise garden.

Beginning of the guided tours is at 18:15 clock and at 19:30 clock each about 45 minutes, meeting point is the entrance to the greenhouses of the ÖBG.

The guided tours to the paradisiacal fruits will be offer by Dr. Marianne Lauerer and Dr. med. Jana Messinger.

During the evening

Cigar LoungeHide

For enjoyment smokers and connoisseurs - Tabak Götz invites you to enjoy hand rolled cigars as well as selected spirits from various Latin American countries in a pleasant comfortable atmosphere. So nothing stands in the way of neat enjoyment of cigars in our cigar lounge on the grounds.

​picnic areaHide

For the first time this year: A picnic area on the lawn on the lake, on which guests can enjoy the sunshine, in a relaxed atmosphere, with musical accompaniment. In addition, Bananas - fruit and vegetable trade provides our guests here with cool, freshly made smoothies, at student friendly prices, powered by AOK. As a highlight, the AOK as a health partner offers free and professional massages. Try your luck with the AOK raffle!

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