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Workshops & Program 2024

Turtenwald Bodypainting

Turtenwald Bodypainting

In keeping with the motto "Spice up your Night" the body painting group from the State Institute for the Training of Specialist Teachers is once again creating artworks on bodies this year. Dive into an artistic and playful world that will leave you in awe with its attention to detail and pure creativity. This wonderful opportunity allows participants of all ages to immerse themselves in the world of body art.

We at the UNIKAT Team are looking forward to seeing you!

Synke Yogastudio Bayreuth

Synke Yogastudio Bayreuth

The Yoga Studio Bayreuth is also on board! Here, it's all about yoga without stress and pressure - following my motto: Yoga for everyone!
​The goal? To help you not only become physically fitter but also feel mentally healthier. With my colorful mix of different yoga styles, you can be sure there's something for everyone here. There will be two workshops at UNIKAT with the topics: "Feel Good Yoga Workshop" and "Kundal... What?"

So, why not come by! Let's laugh, sweat, and grow together on the mat.

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