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Naupaka Logo (VIP Caterer)

We are pleased to announce that the renowned Naupaka from Bayreuth will be serving as caterer at UNIKAT 2024! With a wide range of delicious bowls, Naupaka will provide an unforgettable culinary experience at the event.

We are particularly delighted to welcome Naupaka back as a caterer at UNIKAT 2024 and are confident that their exquisite dishes will delight our guests.


Vedans Laden

This year, Vedans from Bayreuth will be serving as the caterer for UNIKAT 2024. Vedans offers delicious vegan bowls that ensure a flavorful experience. Vedans exclusively uses fresh and healthy ingredients, placing great emphasis on seasonal, sustainable, and organic products. Additionally, they utilize and support local farmers and partners from the region.

​Engin´s Ponte

Engin´s Ponte am Canale Grande

Engin's Ponte, located at Canale Grande in Bayreuth, is one of the most prestigious venues in the city. Therefore, we are even more delighted to have secured this restaurant as the caterer for UNIKAT 2024. Engin's Ponte will offer a diverse selection, including Pinsa, Lasagne, and Risotto, ensuring there is something to satisfy every palate.

Green Palmyra

Green Palmyra Stand

Since 2017, the family-owned business Green Palmyra has been delighting its customers with culinary delights. Especially for UNIKAT 2024, Green Palmyra will travel from Nuremberg to spoil you. At their stall, they will offer wraps and shawarma, among other delicacies. We at UNIKAT are thrilled to have secured this caterer for our event.

​Bernecker BBQ Smoker

Bernecker BBQ Smoker Stand

The Bernecker BBQ Smoker will also be presenting its delicious specialties at UNIKAT 2024. In addition to Pulled Beef, the BBQ Smoker will offer Pork Burger, Vegan Burger, Hot Dogs, and fries to provide guests with a variety of hearty treats. We are delighted to have secured BBQ Smoker as the caterer for our event.


Mitocha Logo

Mitocha is another exquisite caterer presenting its outstanding culinary delights at UNIKAT 2024. Specializing in Indian-Nepalese cuisine, Mitocha offers a variety of dishes, including both meat and vegan specialties.

We warmly welcome having this caterer at UNIKAT 2024.

Frozen Mountain

Frozen Mountain Logo

Mid-July brings a longing for refreshment, and that's where Frozen Mountain and its ice specialties come in handy.

Guests can choose from Frozen Yogurt and Soft Serve, complemented by a variety of delicious berries and other sweet toppings.

Such a caterer seems perfect for a summer event like UNIKAT, and we are delighted to have secured them for our occasion.


Heußinger Logo

The beverage specialist store Heußinger from Bindlach will supply you with beverages during our event.

We are very pleased to have Heußinger as our beverage caterer again this year



Additionally, the AOK will have a beverage stand at our UNIKAT 2024 event

There, refreshing smoothies will be offered, hopefully providing a pleasant cooling experience during the summery weather.


                                            Of course, bar stands will also be available at UNIKAT 2024.

                                            Get excited for delicious cocktails, shots, and long drinks!"

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