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UNIKAT – Tropical. Musical. Culinary.

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Unikat Motto 2023

​UNIKAT 2023 – Look forward to a unique summer festival!

"Exploring new grounds" –​ true to our motto for 2023, you can also enjoy an artistic and musical programme in the Ecological-Botanical Garden of the University of Bayreuth. Not only are there extraordinary sounds and a special tropical flair waiting for you, but also exotic food and drinks will be provided for your physical well-being.

As every year, there will be something for all age groups, so that we can escape from everyday life and experience an unforgettable summer evening together.

Mark your calendars for 15 July 2023! From 17:00 to 01:00 you can enjoy the magical atmosphere in the green.

to the programme (PDF)

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The tickets for the Unikat 2023 are now available under the tab "tickets" on this website. Also, be sure to check out our social media channels.

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Would you rather be actively involved in UNIKAT? Then sign up as a volunteer and support us at this year's UNIKAT! For your commitment you will get free access to the event.

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