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UNIKAT – Tropical. Musical. Culinary.

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Sponsors 2022

We would like to thank all the sponsors who supported us and made UNIKAT 2022 possible again.

Goldpartner 2022


TenneT is a leading European grid operator committed to secure and reliable power supply - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are shaping the energy transition for a sustainable energy future. As the first cross-border transmission system operator, we plan, build, and operate an almost 24,500-kilometre-long high and extra-high voltage grid in the Netherlands and Germany, and are one of the largest investors in national and international electricity grids, on land and at sea. Every day, our 6,600 employees give their best to ensure with responsibility, courage, and networking that more than 42 million end consumers can rely on a stable electricity supply.

Lighting the way ahead together!

AOK Bayern – The health insurance                                                              Direktion Bayreuth-Kulmbach


Meanwhile, more than 4.5 million people have placed their trust in the health insurance fund, making us the reliable market leader in Bavaria. From young to old, we give you and your relatives health security, meaning you benefit from comprehensive medical and nursing care as well as additional services. As a health insurance fund, we are committed to preventive care and prevention, so that illnesses do not occur in the first place.

Proximity is our strength. With our head office in Bayreuth and seven other offices in the region, as well as 250 offices elsewhere, and service telephone services and hotlines throughout Bavaria, we are there for you. You can access our online portal "My AOK" around the clock and on the move.

This year, too, our gold sponsors are true gold treasures and, through their support, make it possible for us to offer you the unique UNIKAT.

What connects us with AOK and TenneT? Past events, working together and, most importantly, the topic of sustainability. Would you like to learn more about them? Then take a look at their or our social media channels. There is still a lot to discover.

Sponsors 2022

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