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UNIKAT – Tropical. Musical. Culinary.

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Brains behind UNIKAT

Brains behind UNIKAT

With Angie und Jürgen we´d like to introduce you to the key individuals of the UNKAT Team. Or as we affectionately call them: Our Brains behind UNIKAT.

They are not only the idea generators of the festivals but also always provide the entire team with valuable advice and inspiration. They´re also not too proud to roll up their sleeves and lend us a helping hand where their expert and professional assistance is needed.

​Ressort Main Organization

Ressort Main Organization

Fabian, Samuel and Basti are our main organizing team this year.

Our task is to maintainan overview of the planning & organization and to connect the individual departments with each other.

We look forward to working together with you to create an unforgettable event and we are available for any questions.

Ressort Marketing

Team Marketing

Esther (Media and Cultural Studies), Fabio (Business Administration), Sarah (Sports Economics) and Jan-Philipp (Sports Economics) form this year´s Marketing Team for UNIKAT 2024. We are responsible for managing the public presence of our fantastic event and keeping you updated across all Social Media Channels and our Website.

Here are our Social Media Channels:

Facebook       Instagram       LinkedIn

​Ressort Side Events

Ressort Side Events

Fabian, Jill, Sophie and Samuel (all sport economics) make up this year´s Side Events Team. We are responsible for ensuring a diverseand colourful fringe for UNIKAT 2024, catering to both young and old.

Following a particularly family-friendly program at the beginning, we aim to celebrate together in style later that evening.

​Ressort Sponsoring

Team Sponsoring

Frank, Sebastian, Jan (All Business Administration) an Lorenz (Sport Economics) form our Sponsoring Department for UNIKAT 2024. We are responsible for acquiring and managing sponsors. Through our established partnerships, we ensure that UNIKAT 2024 becomes a surrounding success

If you have ideas for potential sponsors or if you are interested in becoming a sponsor yourself, please feel free to reach out to us: sponsoring.unikat@gmail.com

​Ressort Catering

Team Catering

Anke, Julian, Quirin and Lisa (all Business Administration) are the Catering & Decoration team for UNIKAT 2024. At UNIKAT 2024, we are dedicated to providing culinary and colourful experience in line with our motto "Spice up your night".

We are confident that there is something for everyone in this offering!

Look forward to a unique variety and an unforgettable summer evening filled with culinary highlights.

Ressort Technology & Logistics

Ressort Technolgy and Logistics

Jan, Teresa and Paula are our Technolgy & Logistics Ressort for UNIKAT 2024, ensuring a smooth operation of our event.

Whether it´s about security, setup or impressive lighting and sound technology, we are your point of contact.

Together we create a pleasent atmosphere and guarentee an unforgettable event success.

Ressort Finances

Ressort Finance

Lukas forms our Finance Ressort.

If you have any questions regarding invoices or payments, feel free to contact him.

I´m looking forward to a nice event with all of you.

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